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[MONSTER] Commander Crayfish.

Japanese name: コマンダー・クローフィッシュ
Romanized name: Komandaa Kuroofisshu

Alignment: Bandora Gang/Rita Repulsa
Species: Zyu2 Monster
Inspiration: Japanese crayfish
Status: Defeated.

From: Zyu2, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

NOTE: These images do not reflect the sourced episodes verbatim. They are composites of scenes from both Zyuranger and Power Rangers. This was done merely to show what Toei’s raw footage could have looked like.


  • After Saban exhausted Zyuranger footage, Toei was financed to make a collection of enemies that was exclusive to Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. These are often referred to as “Zyu2” monsters. Saban eventually acquired the rights to Gosei Sentai Dairanger, but they had some remaining Zyu2 costumes. Thus, many of them were seen in the early episodes of the second season of Power Rangers. Poor editing techniques spliced the Zyu2 scenes with Dairanger and original Saban sequences. As of today, Toei has not released any of the uncut Zyu2 episodes on home video. None of these creatures appeared in Zyuranger.
  • In Japanese sources, the monster was referred to as Crayfish Monster (ザリガニモンスター; Zarigani Monsutaa). The zarigani (Cambaroides japonicus) is a species of crayfish that is found in Japan, specifically in Hokkaido and northern Tohoku.
  • Although Burai/Dragon Ranger died in Zyuranger, he was “resurrected” for the Zyu2 stories. This was because Tommy/the Green Ranger was still active in Power Rangers.
  • Toei was asked by Saban to give the Zyuranger suit actors traits unique to the Power Rangers characters and continuity. While the Power Rangers could teleport at will, the Zyuranger did not. Yet it was added to align with the abilities of the Power Rangers.
  • Commander Crayfish reappeared in “A Reel Fish Story”.
  • If the Zyu2 additions were canon in the Zyuranger universe, this would be the second episode to feature an evil sentai employed by the central antagonist. The first being Dora Mirage and his imposter sentai in episode 46.
  • Commander Crayfish’s English voice actor also played Master Vile and Furio as well as other smaller roles.
  • The enemies’ weapons were actually the basic, non-upgraded versions of the Zyurangers’ Legendary Weapons. Dragon Ranger’s Hellfriede Sword was shown again despite being destroyed earlier. When wielded by the Zyuranger, these tools never formed a combination blaster.
  • The fate of the evil yellow and pink members of Crayfish’s squad is unknown. They most likely turned back into Golems/Putties or they blew up in the small scale explosion.
  • Toei may have filmed several methods of destruction for each Zyu2 creation. This way, Saban could pick whichever ones fit their scripts best. Like in previous Zyu2 based episodes, the new sequence for the Ultrazord (Kyuukyoku Daizyujin) was used here.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com


[HENSHIN] Gaoranger, Hurricanger, Gouraiger & Shurikenger.

Senshi: Kakeru/Gao Red, Gaku/Gao Yellow, Kai/Gao Blue, Soutarou/Gao Black, Sae/Gao White, Shirogane/Gao Silver, Yousuke/Hurricane Red, Kouta/Hurricane Yellow, Nanami/Hurricane Blue, Ikkou/Kabuto Raiger, Isshuu/Kuwaga Raiger, Asuka/Shurikenger

Transformation devices: G-Phone (Gao Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, White), G-Brace Phone (Gao Silver), Hurricane Gyro (Hurricanger), Gourai Changer (Gouraiger), Shuriken Ball (Shurikenger)

Transformation commands: “Gao Access, Summon Spirit of the Earth” (Gaoranger), “Stealth Wind, Shinobi Change” (Hurricanger), “Thunderclap, Shinobi Change” (Gouraiger), “Great Reversal, Face Change” (Shurikenger).

From: Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger vs. Gaoranger

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com


30 Day Super Sentai Challenge

Day 12: Favorite Mecha

I LOVE the Hurricanger mecha! I just love the overall design of the individual mecha and the combined robos look so kick ass!


[ATTACK] Raging Hurricane Waves.

Japanese: 疾風怒濤
Romaji: Shippuu Dotou

Mecha: Dairenoh
Weapon required: Great Lord Sword

From: Gosei Sentai Dairanger - Episodes 11 & 14

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com


[ATTACK] Earth Cannon.

Japanese: アースカノン
Romaji: Aasu Kanon

Users: Five Red, Five Blue, Five Black, Five Yellow, Five Pink
Weapon required: Arthur G6, Earth Cannon

From: Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman - Episode 27


  • The combination weapon and the finishing move share the same name.
  • The Fiveman and Arthur respectively say “Fire” and “Go” together prior to execution.
  • All five Fiveman were needed to use the Earth Cannon.
  • The temperature of the fiery blast is 1,000 degrees.

Source: tokusequence.tumblr.com


Rangers Zords


Not the best photoshopping, but I definitely enjoy these!! Have some Wallpapers.  Credits on images



Dumb me!! I had forgotten to upload this last the last time when I uploaded my Sixth Ranger Key Collection…so as you can tell I love Gai!! LOL.

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kyoryu sentai zyuranger episode 22

gouryujin is born!


Drew up my own version of the original badass Emperor of Darkness himself, LORD ZEDD!